Basics of fair use policy for learners: simple rules to follow

Our company has been on the market since 2008. It helped us develop the best working system to assist students with their tasks. We provide top-quality support with custom academic tasks to maximize the grades. Being a useful tool, we ensure that your grades will get a real boost. We want to outline our principles of work to help you understand how things are done at for every user.

No plagiarism detected

The use of plagiarized content is a tempting idea. But this is something that contradicts our policy. Users who enter the website aren’t allowed to take the work and use it as their own. This is against the rules and isn’t accepted here. We are happy to offer you a clear model to follow. You can build your further research on the given model and reach great results. This way, you will come up with a well-developed original work.

We want you to get better at your education. Studying is great, and you should follow the principles of a successful college or university routine. We would do a disservice to you if we let you copy the content. When you have a test, you can’t copy the answers. You need to develop them based on the acquired knowledge. We see it as our duty to help you accumulate real knowledge on your own.

A simple how-to guide to use the service correctly

How to use the model answer service? You see the model answer to a particular question. This is how we decide to approach the issue. You can have a different point of view. But our well-structured example will serve you as a great roadmap to your considerations. Let’s see a step-by-step guide:

  • Take the answer and read it. This way, you will get what’s discussed in the paper and what issues the answer is focused on most.
  • Look at the paper one more time and make necessary notes. You should pay attention to details and write down useful insights.
  • You’ve made the notes. Now it’s time to share your own vision of the problem based on the notes.
  • You’re done with the content. Now let’s move to the sources. Look through them.
  • You have the draft. Now add more facts. You should look through the final variant and choose what to add.

You have the draft. Now add more facts. You should look through the final variant and choose what to add.

What if I submit your model?

This is against the rules. You can’t simply submit the work of another person because this is direct plagiarism. The smallest changes to the content or structure won’t save the situation. If you send your professor a model answer, you will get zero points for plagiarized content.

When you follow the rules from our policy, you can benefit more. If you violate them, you will have to rewrite the paper. Moreover, you will lose your reputation and get disrespect from the professor. So, think twice before you steal the papers from our model answer service.

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